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40 идей для сенсорных коробок. (англ. яз)

Sensory Bags are a great way for kids to expand their sense of touch, creativity, and adventure, and they are so easy to make! Earlier this week I featured four different sensory bags that I’ve introduced to my one-year-old (filled with beads, shells, squishy sparkles, or glow sticks).
Now it’s time to take a look at all the other great ideas out there! I am seriously impressed with all of the incredible ideas people have come up with for how to play with (and learn from) sensory bags — from tummy time to giant waterbeds to practicing pre-writing skills, and everything in between!
Check out the categories and titles below to find something that suits your fancy. Or pin this post so you can come back later…too much fun stuff!
The Basics: 
1. Sensory Bag for Tummy Time from Plain Vanilla Mom
2. Sensory Water Bag for Babies from The Activity Mom
3. Sensory Nibble Bag for Babies from Quaint Oaks
5. Soapy Sparkle Squish Bag from Growing a Jeweled Rose
6. Shaving Cream Sensory Bag from Growing a Jeweled Rose
7. Paint Mixing in Bag from The Chocolate Muffin Tree
8. Baby Oil Sensory Bag from Play Based Learning
9. Sand and Water Sensory Bag from Play Based Learning
Group Fun:
10. DIY Sensory Bag Creation Stations from Fit Kids Club
11. Super Sensory Bag Table from Baby Centre UK
Larger Than Life: 
12. Giant Squishy Sensory Bag from Go Kid Yourself
13. I-Spy Redneck Waterbed from Play at Home Mom
14. Outdoor Water Sensory Bag from Growing Our Family (with video!)
Ocean Themed:
15. Ocean Squish Bag from Growing a Jeweled Rose
16. Ocean in a Bag Sensory Craft from Crafts and Art for Children
17. Beach Themed Squish Bag from Growing a Jeweled Rose
18. Squishy Fishy Aquarium Bag from Teach Preschool
19. Baby Oil Aquarium Sensory Bag from Playing House in Maryland
20. Ocean Window Sensory Bag from Activities for Preschoolers
Other Themed:
21. Butterfly Sensory Bags for Preschoolers from Teach Preschool
22. Outer Space Sensory Bag from Familylicious
23. Slimy Eyes Halloween Sensory Bag/Suncatcher from hands on : as we grow
24. Simple Watermelon Suncatchers from Teach Preschool
25. Aloe Vera Googly Eyes Sensory Bag from Familylicious
26. Molasses Cinco de Mayo Sensory Bag from Carrots are Orange
27. Sugar Scrub Foam Fruit Sensory Bag from Familylicious
28. Color in a Bag from Family Fun
29. Touch of Fall Sensory Guess Bags from Pleasantest Thing
30. Glowing Water Sensory Bags from Growing a Jeweled Rose
31. Glowing Paint Sensory Bags from Growing a Jeweled Rose
32. Glowing Soapy Sparkle Squish Bags from Growing a Jeweled Rose
33. Sensory Bag Maze with Finger from Activities for Preschoolers
34. Sensory Bag Maze with Ball from Baby Centre UK
35. Sensory Bag Fish Matching from Baby Centre UK
36. Sensory Bag Number Matching from Activities for Preschoolers
37. Eye Spy Alphabet Squish Bag from Growing a Jeweled Rose
38. Sensory Glitter Bag for Pre-Writing from Play at Home Mom
39. Sensory Writing Mats from Familylicious
40. Paint Bags for Writing with Q-Tips from Bright Starts of CNY